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How to become a model in Australia

Modelling isn’t all glitz and glamour! As any established model will tell you, it’s hard work, long hours, grit and ambition… and that’s just the job itself! The other half of being a model is keeping yourself in shape, being friendly and personable and of course, being professional!

Here are 7 essential tips how to be professional as a model:

Tip 1: Make sure your portfolio photos actually represent you.
This may seem very obvious but ensure that your portfolio photos are an accurate representation of how you actually look. Many clients will have specific requirements for their jobs and there is nothing worse for a client than booking a model based on their portfolio only to have the model turn up and look nothing like the image that their portfolio portrayed! There is a fine line between artistic license and trickery, so make sure any creative or highly styled versions of yourself that you portray in your portfolio still show glimpses of what you look like. Similarly, be sure to let your booker know of any changes that you’re making to your appearance (e.g. if you’re a blonde and your portfolio shows you as a blonde – a client that books you wanting a blonde will be shocked if you show up having dyed your hair red… and your booker will be none too happy that you didn’t let them know!)

Tip 2: Always be punctual.
Models who frequently run late to jobs will rapidly develop themselves reputations as being divas… and you definitely want to avoid this! If you are on time to all your modelling jobs, talent bookers and clients alike will remember your professionalism and will be more like to book you again in the future.

Tip 3: Be courteous.
Modelling is largely based on your appearance, but your clients and talent bookers will also remember your personality. Being polite and courteous will ensure that you make a good impression and if your clients and bookers have a good experience with your personality, they’re more likely to book you for bigger and better jobs. Remember, modelling is just like any other job so be respectful.

Tip 4: Be contactable 24/7.
In modelling, jobs come in at all hours of the day and often at short notice… too many models have lost a major booking because they haven’t answered their phone or checked their emails. If you’re frequently uncontactable, bookers will lose interest in you altogether.

Tip 5: Be considerate of your booker’s time.
Your booker will also be looking after tens or hundreds of other models so although you are understandably anxious to book more jobs or see the outcome of a campaign that you’ve booked, but try not to hassle your booker.

Tip 6: Come prepared.
Make sure you read the briefs given to you by your agency so you’re fully aware of exactly what’s expected of you when you arrive. If there’s anything that you need clarification on, make sure to talk with your manager ahead of time and importantly, read the grooming brief (as some jobs may require to arrive with a bare face, washed hair etc).

Tip 7: Never feel as though you’re above the job.
Not every job will have the biggest budget however, every job you book is good exposure and benefits your career and portfolio. You’ll also gain valuable work experience.

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