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How to become a model in Australia


How do I become a model?
There is more than one way to break into the world of modelling, from signing your self up to a reputable agency to starting your career off as an Instagram Model, ensure you thoroughly research your option by starting right here!

How tall do you have to be to be a model?
Assuming you are looking to get into high fashion modelling, agents will be looking for models around the 5’9 to 6’0 feet height, that is around 1.79 metres! Pretty tall huh! But don’t fret if you’re not towering above your friends and family, there are plenty of other careers you can forge in the modelling world, read more about your options here

How to become a model at 13, 14, 15, 16 etc? 
Regardless of whether you are starting your child’s career at 6 or interested in becoming a mature age model at 60 research is the key to ensure you are appropriately informed about the industry, ensure your expectations are realistic, read more about how to get started in our article on How to Become a Model in Australia.

How do I get scouted or discovered by a modelling agency?
In the past most people were discovered by modelling scouts travelling far and beyond on the look out for fresh and unique faces Airports, schools and shopping centres were hotbeds for the next face of Gucci or LV. These days talent agents don’t have to leave the comfort of their office, they simply have to open Snap-chat, Instagram or Youtube to find beautiful faces from all around the world. So its imperative that you get creating your online portfolio.



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